There’s blogging for fun and there’s content marketing.

If your writing leads to more money (or at least tries to) you’re engaging in content marketing.

It may well be your idea of a wild Friday night to sit down and write about quantum computing, but if you’re doing it so that you can establish yourself as an expert in quantum computing, you’re doing content marketing.

And the purpose of content marketing, at its very core, is not to give you an outlet for your burning, trapped creative expression, but rather to sell.

Sell your service. Sell your product. Sell your expertise. Sell your connections. Sell your thoughts.

So don’t get it twisted. Do content marketing un-indulgently. Don’t let your deep desires to write the next great American novel get in your way of selling.

To sell, you need to engage. To engage, you need to write like your reader has no time for or interest in what you have to say.

Enter: short sentences.

People scroll fast. If they’re not scrolling, they’re not moving. And if they’re not moving, they feel stuck.

Don’t let your reader feel stuck.

Give them the feeling that they’re moving fast, being efficient, consuming information faster than their brain can keep up. It makes them feel powerful.

Short sentences result in movement – down the page, across the page.

Their eyes consume one snippet at a time. They don’t get bogged down in a block of text – a trap with no exit.

They skip from thought to thought as though they’re jumping a line of rocks – from rock to rock – across a river. One rock at a time.

They engage because it feels doable. It doesn’t feel like work.

And engagement is a necessary step to converting.
If your reader abandons your post because it feels like work to consume, they’ll likely skip your name next time they see it in a list of options. The opposite is also true.

Want to see this done well? Go to Neil Patel’s blog.

Obviously this post is an exaggeration. Not all posts should be as “skippy.” Write like a human being for human beings.

But, also, write for short attention spans. Write for people who move fast. Write to engage. Don’t write to satisfy your long-winded creative expressions.

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