Content marketing is here to stay.

It’s now a well-established marketing strategy. Compared to paid search advertising, content marketing results in 3x as many leads. And 98% of B2B marketers agree that content performance – as measured by lead generation and customer acquisition – justifies the cost of its creation.

Yet, as important as content marketing is to marketers across the board, evaluating its ROI has proven tricky. The gap between planning content marketing and evaluating its success is large. 92% of firms rate high-quality content as important, in principle, but only 54% of them feel confident about their content marketing strategies in practice, according to a 2013 Aberdeen Group analyst insights report.

Those numbers aren’t great. But they’re not that surprising when you think about how difficult it is in practicality to (1) identify high-quality content in the first place and (2) measure how that high-quality content is (or isn’t) resonating with your audience. This is exactly why the team at Writtio has developed Content Pattern Optimization (CPO), a method to help marketers better quantify and directly track their blogging efforts. You can read more about CPO, what it is and what it isn’t here.

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