Earlier this year, Brian Dean, the CEO of Backlinko, launched a new platform called Exploding Topics. In short, it’s a goldmine. (Thanks, Brian.) As of writing this, the website is free to peruse.

So what is it?

It’s essentially a list of topics (aka keywords) that are currently trending on Google. It shows graphs that are easy to eyeball with numbers that are straight-forward to interpret. (More on these numbers later).

Before this platform, the way to find trends on Google, was to go to Google Trends and either browse (limit yourself to their suggestions) or guess (limit yourself to your own knowledge scope).

Exploding Topics opens up a world of opportunities to explore and learn about hot, current topics. More importantly, this array of fresh terms — popular and heavily-searched — are not yet over saturated with content. Ding ding ding!

Let’s take a step back and talk about content over saturation, domain and page authority, and terms that’ll probably never make you a dime.

Terms to Avoid if You’re Trying to Monetize Quickly

Let’s take the keyword “SEO.” Almost everyone knows what SEO is generally. It’s a term that has been around almost as long as Google. That means that the big players in the SEO world have been around for over a decade at least.

When you search for the term “SEO” on Google, you can see that the first page search results are composed of the biggest names in the industry. We’re talking MozSearchEngineLandWordstreamNeil PatelWikipedia, even Google itself.

These guys have had many years, thousands of pieces of content and copious backlinks with which to build a rapport with Google. Essentially they have established themselves as trustworthy sources on SEO.

Building rapport with Google means establishing a high domain authority. In short, domain authority is an index that predicts how high your domain might rank in Google based on a number of factors.

When you have a fresh blog with a few pieces of content and no backlinks, your domain authority is essentially 0. As you write more content and that content gets linked to by other sites of high domain authority, your domain authority increases and you become a more legitimate and trustworthy source in Google’s eyes.

So, if you decide to start a blog today that focuses on “SEO,” you’ll be competing with giants. Let’s take a look at just how giant.

To follow along, download and install MozBar for Chrome. Make sure you have a Moz free account. Then go to Google and type in “SEO”. Now activate your MozBar (you might have to login). Under each search result, you’ll see a bar with a PA value and a DA value. We’re going to focus on the DA (domain authority) value.

As you can see, these SEO search results have very high (80s, 90s) domain authority. It takes A LOT to build your domain authority to such a level. Your blog with a dozens of pieces of content and a handful of backlinks, and a domain authority of 2, is plankton compared to these whales.

Ok… so now you know how to decide on what not to start a blog about (if you want to monetize it quickly). So let’s take it back to exploding topics and see the contrast to find out why these are such great opportunities.

Why Ranking with Exploding Topics is Achievable

I’m going to take the very first topic that comes up on the platform when you filter by time (6 months): “puff bar.”

A quick google search for “puff bar” tells me that this is a brand of disposable e-cigarettes. Great. Let’s take a look at the domain authorities associated with the top search results.

First organic search result

The first organic search result has a domain authority of 17. Now we’re talking. Let’s go down the page.

The next 9 results are a mixture of high and low domain authorities, with the highest being 62. The rest are in the 20s-40s.

Looking at this, you might think, this seems a little less competitive, but remember we’re talking about a domain authority of 2 here. Ok, let’s dig deeper. Chances are that your blog won’t just try to rank for “puff bar” but will rather contain long tail keywords associated with “puff bar.”

If we Google “puff bar wholesale florida” — which is a much closer approximation to the level of keyword specificity we would go after when trying to rank a blog — here’s what we see.

These results are welcoming of new blogs. With a few months worth of high quality work, a new blogger can break into these rankings.

As you can see, Exploding Topics is an excellent source of ideas for new blogs that want to rank and monetize quickly. Next time, we’ll discuss how to pick a topic and start preparing to launch your blog.

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