Blogging is a long-term marketing strategy. Any service or product that advertises otherwise is not being honest with you or with themselves.

If you really want your blogging efforts to pay-off, you first have to gain visitor trust.

And marketers (84% of them) know this; they agree that building trust with visitors is a critical part of a successful marketing strategy. But there’s no app that can help you with that.

So. How exactly do you build trust?

By providing a value-added interaction. Do more than skim the surface. Offer your clients something more than a clickbait headline and a recycled piece of content.

  • Depth. Generate well-researched blog posts with useful links to reputable sources.
  • Data. People like data. Publish content that makes evidence-based claims and recommendations.
  • Dialogue. Make it a dialogue.  Interactions with visitors shouldn’t solely be about sales (gasp!)
  • Generosity.  Enrich the relationship by sharing stories, an hour of your time, or useful resources.

Blogging is a long-term marketing strategy *precisely because* building relationships and trust takes time.

“It’s often said that ‘data is the new oil.’ Instead, we’d argue that it’s trust that will decide whether businesses — and the Fourth Industrial Revolution itself — succeed. There is both a moral and business imperative to do more than increase profits. My fellow CFOs and other leaders should respond to today’s rapid technological and societal change by taking a long-term view.” 

— Mark Hawkins, President and Chief Financial Officer, Salesforce

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