Headline generators can be very hit or miss. This one, for example, was a cringy miss: “3 Mistakes Most People Make When Headline Generators.” 

There are some absolutely terrible headline generators out there where you put in words and the headlines make zero sense. And the reason is that they take some keywords and plug them into pre-prepared sentences. If their algorithm doesn’t include certain basic parameters, like, part of speech, you end up with nonsensical strings of words like the one above. 

The good news is that there actually are good headline generators out there – though they’re few and far between. In this post, I’ll list my top 3 go to tools for finding interesting (and sensical) headlines. 

But before we get into the tools… 

How to Use Headline Generators

Once in a while, you might find a headline that is so good, you might just want to use it in the real world. But, that’s rare. More frequently, what you’ll get out of these generators are ideas. 

Our brains tend to get stuck in the same old patterns, putting together the same old words. These tools tend to put words together that you wouldn’t necessarily think about. So in this way, it gets your creativity gears turning. It might lead to new ways of thinking about a topic, or an idea for a post that you hadn’t thought about before. 

Whether or not you actually use the headline in your final post isn’t the point. The point is to get you out of a blank screen and into writing a post. 

My Top 3 Headline Generators

BlogAbout by ImpactBND 

This one is by far my favorite. Almost every single title it generates is usable and creative. It lets you fill in the blanks with whatever your specific topics or keywords are, so in that sense it’s a collaborative effort. The tool itself is super easy to use and you can save your titles for easy access. 

Some headlines I got out of it:

4 secrets to unleashing the power of your blog 

I might actually use this one!

 3 reasons why bloggers should embrace competition.

Headline Generator by SEOPressor 

The awesome thing about this particular generator is that it spits out 1000s of titles. It also lets you qualify your keyword; you can tell the tool if it’s a generic term or a brand or a location or industry. Not all of the headlines are great, but if you spend some time clicking through the lists, you can find some high quality stuff in there. 

Some of the headlines I got out of it were:

The modern rules of blogging 

I like that one simple but timely

7 ugly truths about blogging 

That one i tweaked a bit but that’s the fun of it. You take a seed idea and make it your own. 


This one is the simplest, most straightforward one to use, and if you’re short on time and want to quickly eyeball a bunch of ideas, I’d recommend starting with this one. To use it, you enter one keyword and it gives you a list of 700 titles in seconds. You’re bound to find something useful in there. 

Here are some headlines I got out of it:

These 9 Mistakes Will Destroy Your  Blog
How to Create the Right Blog for Your Specific Product or Service

Hmm that last one is a winner. 

I hope this helps you get your gears turning when you’ve been staring at a blank page for hours! Enjoy responsibly!

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